Anthem has partnered with Availity to operate and service the entry point for all EDI submissions to Anthem, otherwise known as the EDI Gateway.


Who is Availity?

Most of you know Availity as web portal or claims clearinghouse, but they are much more.  Availity is also an intelligent EDI Gateway for multiple vendors and will be the EDI connection for all Anthem Inc. and its affiliates.


If you currently use a clearinghouse, billing company or if you submit directly, all your EDI transactions will flow through the Availity EDI Gateway to Anthem.


How are you submitting EDI transactions today?

  • If you currently transmit your EDI Submissions using a clearinghouse or billing company, you should contact your clearinghouse to confirm your EDI submission path has not changed. If you are notified of any potential impacts with connectivity, workflow or financial, please know there are no cost submission options available with Availity.


  • If you currently submit directly to Anthem and already have an Availity login for the portal, you can use that same login for your EDI services.



How can you directly transmit EDI submission to Availity?

Below are the different ways you can submit direct EDI transactions to Availity:


  • Submit transaction files through FTP - If you work with a practice management system, health information system, or other automated system that supports an FTP connection, you can securely upload EDI transactions to the Availity FTP site where they are automatically picked up by Availity and submitted to Anthem.


  • Submit transaction files through the Availity Portal - If you have batch files of EDI transactions that you need to process and you choose not to use the

Availity FTP site, you can manually upload the batch files through the Availity Portal.


  • Submit transactions through manual data entry in the Availity Portal - The Availity Portal makes it easy to submit transactions, such as eligibility and benefits inquiries or claims, by entering data into our user-friendly web forms.


What are your next steps?

  • We recommend that you register with Availity for your EDI transmissions and begin migrating your volume by the end of 2018. These include the 837, 835 and 27X (eligibility and claim status).


  • Availity will be working directly with your clearinghouse, billing companies and your organization if you choose to submit directly - your organization.


We look forward to delivering a smooth transition to the Availity EDI Gateway.


If you have any questions please contact Availity Client Services at 1-800-Availity (1-800-282-4548) Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time. 

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