This communication applies to the Commercial and Medicare Advantage programs from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Anthem).


Care providers are a trusted resource for members when it comes to vaccine advice. As information on the monkeypox outbreak changes and vaccination and testing guidance is released, we’re committed to keeping you informed.


Some care providers may have seen a message on their provider Explanation of Benefits (EOB) stating that Anthem does not recognize the vaccine product codes for monkeypox and smallpox that became effective July 26, 2022. We’re updating the provider fee schedules to reflect the new vaccine product codes as quickly as possible. The EOB message did not impact payment for administration of the vaccines, which is reimbursable; however, since the monkeypox and smallpox vaccines are provided by the government at no charge, the vaccine products are non-reimbursable.


To aid in processing claims for the monkeypox and smallpox vaccine products, care providers must include these three elements on claims, even if vaccine products were received from the federal government at no charge:

  1. Product code (90611 or 90622)
  2. Applicable ICD-10-CM diagnosis code
  3. Administration code


More detail on codes and cost-sharing

Providers are encouraged to use:

  • Product code 90611 for smallpox and monkeypox vaccine.
  • Product code 90622 for vaccinia (smallpox) virus vaccine.
  • Code 87593 for laboratory testing.


When billing the monkeypox and smallpox vaccine products, care providers should submit those codes with a $0.01 charge.


Cost-sharing for the vaccine is waived.


If you have any questions, contact the Provider Service number on the back of the member’s ID card. You can read more information on monkeypox here.



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