Availity offers digital solutions that can assist your organization in many ways by visiting the Availity Support Community.


Below are the different ways you can obtain support:

  • Watch Demos
  • Troubleshooting
  • FAQs
  • Support Requests
  • Network Outages
  • Release Notes


Log into Availity > Select Help & Training > Availity Support > Select the Organization, Continue and you will reach the Availity Support Community


Below are the actions you can do with a support ticket:


Open a support ticket

  1. Select the Contact Support menu
  2. On the Contact Support page, complete the fields in the Create Case section, and then select Start Case
  3. Complete the fields on the Contact Support page.



Select the My Support Requests tile

  1. Select a ticket to see more information about the ticket.
  2. To filter the tickets by their status, do one of the following:
    • Select the Open tab to display your organization's open tickets.
    • Select the Closed tab to view your organization's closed tickets.
    • Select the Archived tab to view your organization's archived tickets.
    • Select Contact Support to open a new support ticket.



Once a support ticket has been created, you can update/edit information in the ticket.

  1. On the Support Tickets page, select the ticket you want to update.
  2. On the ticket detail page, select Edit Case.
  3. Update the information that you want
  4. When you've completed your changes, select Save.


Add Comments

You can add comments to provide additional information for a support ticket.

  1. On the Support Tickets page, select the ticket you want to add comments to.
  2. On the ticket detail page, type your comment in the Add comment field, and then select Comment. Comments display in the Case Comments section on the ticket detail page.


Attach Documentation

Use this feature to attach a file that could assist Availity in troubleshooting your issue. This feature supports most file types, including Word, Excel, and .jpg. If you receive an error message preventing you from uploading a specific file type, try saving the file in a different format.

  1. On the Support Tickets page, select the ticket you want to attach files to.
  2. In the Files section of the ticket details page, select Upload File to open the Add Attachment window


Change Status

You should change a support ticket's status when you want to perform functions such as close, re-open, or archive a support ticket.

  1. On the Support Tickets page, select the ticket whose status you want to change.
  2. On the ticket detail page, select Change Status.
  3. Select the status that you want from the Status field, and then select Save.
    • Closed – Select this status to close the support ticket.
    • Re-opened – Select this status to re-open the support ticket (Do not reopen a case to report a new issue, open a new case instead).
    • Archived – Select this status to archive the support ticket. When you archive a ticket, it's moved from a closed queue to an archived queue. Archiving tickets helps keep your closed tickets queue manageable.


Contact Availity Client Services

If you need to speak with an Availity Client Services representative, call 1.800.AVAILITY (282.4548).



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