3 things to do when you don’t find your claim in Claim Status

We appreciate the positive feedback you’ve shared about the new Claim Status Send Attachment feature. This enhancement to the attachment process enables you to submit an attachment directly to your claim on Availity.com by simply selecting the new Send Attachment button. We want to keep that positive momentum by answering your questions about those times when you are not able to find your claim in the Claim Status application using Availity Essentials. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Double check your search information. Is the member information entered correctly? Many times, it is as simple as double checking the basic information needed to search for the claim.
  • Do you have a claim number? If we’ve requested additional information in order to process your claim, the claim number will be included in the letter to you. Use this claim number to search for your claim.
  • If you have located your claim, but the Send Attachment feature is not displayed, we have a solution for you:
    • From the Claims & Payment tab select Attachments – New. This will take you to your Attachments Dashboard.
    • From the Attachments Dashboard, select Send Attachment.
    • From the drop down, select Medical Attachment.
    • Complete the form and use the Add Attachment button to upload your files.
    • Press Send Attachments and your documents will be attached to your claim.

Claims attachment learning opportunities

In collaboration with Availity Essentials, we’ve made it easy for you to learn when it is convenient for you. Through this on-demand webinar, learn how to submit claim attachments through Claim Status. Use this link to access the course. If live webinars fit into your schedule, use this link to sign up today.



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