We announced earlier this month that our new Rehabilitative Program which was originally communicated in the April 2019 edition of Provider News would be delayed until August 1, 2019. Due to some continued group membership, provider status, and system issues experienced by Anthem and AIM Specialty Health (AIM), a separate company, related to the Rehab program, the program remains temporarily delayed. A new program launch date will be communicated in the September edition of Provider News. Coverage for physical, occupational and speech therapy visits with dates of service July 1, 2019 and thereafter will not require a prior authorization until further notice.


When AIM begins accepting prior authorization requests, ordering and servicing providers may submit prior authorization requests to AIM in one of several ways:

  • Access AIM’s ProviderPortalSMdirectly at providerportal.com. Online access is available 24/7 to process orders in real-time, and is the fastest and most convenient way to request authorization.
  • Access AIM via the Availity Web Portal at availity.com.
  • Call the AIM Contact Center toll-free number at 866-714-1107, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


We invite you to take advantage of an informational webinar that will introduce you to the Rehabilitative Program and the capabilities of the AIM ProviderPortalSM.  Visit the AIM Rehabilitation microsite to register for an upcoming training session.

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