We offer special needs plans (SNPs) to people eligible for either Medicare and Medicaid benefits or who are qualified Medicare Advantage beneficiaries. SNPs provide enhanced benefits to people eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. These include supplemental benefits such as hearing, dental, vision and transportation to medical appointments. Some SNPs include a card or catalog for purchasing over-the-counter items. SNPs do not charge premiums. As you are aware, CMS regulations protect SNP members from balance billing.


Providers who are contracted for SNPs are required to take annual training to stay current on plan benefits and requirements, including coordination-of-care and model-of-care elements. Providers contracted for our SNPs received notices in the first quarter of 2019 containing information for online, self-paced training through our training site hosted by SkillSoft. Each provider contracted for our SNPs is required to complete this annual training and select the attestation stating they have completed the training. Attestations can be completed by individual providers or at the group level with one signature.




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