We'd like to share some recent enhancements to the online site for our monthly provider publication – Provider News.


  1. Article categories – such as “Administrative”, "Medicare", “Products and Programs” and so on – are now appearing directly under the article title on the website and in PDFs. (This will help differentiate between commercial and government business content.) Please see the sample illustration below.




  1. We’ve also enhanced the look and feel of PDFs for individual articles and publications. Within PDFs for publications, you’ll find: 
    • A table of contents
    • A bold line separating each article
    • The URL for each article is included so users can access online if desired
    • Attachments will show if appropriate


We hope you find these changes helpful, as we continue to work to improve our provider communications vehicle and to make the tool even easier to use. 

Featured In:
March 2020 Anthem Maine Provider News