We continue to support cost transparency, which involves making provider cost information available to members. We do this via our consumer transparency tools, BCBS AXIS/NCCT Cost Comparison, Estimate Your Cost (EYC), and Castlight. We display costs for common procedures that are non-emergent, high-cost, or high-volume. For these procedures, we derive a cost range for the total episode of care, which includes all facility, professional, and ancillary services provided during an admission or outpatient visit. These costs are based on historical rates.


Cost and quality information is available nationally through the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association and is known as the National Consumer Cost Tool (NCCT).  In addition, the NCCT data are used as the basis for the EYC tool and other third party transparency initiatives, which can be found on the home page of our Consumer Portal website at anthem.com.


We have expanded the cost information that will be made available to members through the EYC tool. Members using EYC will be able to view provider-specific costs for additional professional and ancillary services, including provider-specific office visit cost data.


The current version of the cost comparison transparency data will be updated in June, 2019, and will be available in April for provider review prior to its release via the Anthem POIT web tool through Availity.  If you have questions regarding Anthem Care Comparison, Estimate Your Cost, or our expanded transparency initiatives, please contact David Spencer, Sr. Provider Network Manager at david.spencer@anthem.com.

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