Anthem and AMH Health, LLC want to make multi-dose packaging available to your patients to help support medication adherence. It’s a simpler, safer way for your patients to manage their medications. Multi-dose packaging is a free service available to members at select network pharmacies.


What is multi-dose packaging?

Multi-dose packaging (MDP) involves organizing prescription and over-the-counter products to provide ease to patients when taking their routine medications. Each MDP dispenser provides patients with a personalized roll of pre-sorted medication packs, labeled with the date and time of the patient's next scheduled dose. MDP helps reduce the stress of determining which medications to take, when to take them and how much of them to take.


Who provides these services?

MDPs can be shipped to the CVS retail pharmacy of choice or directly to a patient’s home at no additional charge. The MDP Care team is available 24/7 to address patient questions and concerns. The team also coordinates mid-month prescription changes with local CVS pharmacies. CVS MDP is licensed in all states and the District of Columbia.


If CVS isn't the right fit based on geography, PillPack can provide MDP services for your patients. Packages can include prescription medication, over-the-counter medication and vitamins, and will include a date and time stamp on each packet to help your patients remember to take their medications. Patient copays should be the same; in some cases, it may be cheaper.


How do I refer my patients to MDP providers?

For CVS: Patients can enroll online at or call 1-800-753-0596. Patients residing in the District of Columbia, Georgia or South Carolina should call 1-844-650-1637 (due to remote practice restrictions). Members may also enroll at their local CVS pharmacy.


For PillPack: Patients interested in PillPack can enroll online at or via phone by calling 866-282-9462.





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