This communication applies to the Commercial and Medicare Advantage programs from Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.


In an effort to help deliver on Anthem’s purpose to improve the health of humanity, we now have a program for in-home patient care for acute conditions.


Anthem’s Hospital in Home program can advise capable, innovative hospital partners in developing their own hospital in home programs. Once implemented, patients can recover in a more comfortable environment, allowing hospitals to keep beds available for patients with more complex needs.


Inpatient level of care in the home can be a welcome alternative to traditional hospital settings. Patients may find acute care at home to be more convenient and less stressful, and studies have shown acute care at home can be safe and allow for smoother transition to self-care management after the acute illness. Hospital in Home clinical trials demonstrate a 25% decrease in readmissions and a 50% reduction in time spent in bed.1


Anthem’s Hospital in Home program has a set of minimum requirements that are designed to promote patient safety. These requirements include aspects of the member’s home environment, the clinical scenario, remote monitoring capabilities, and plans for program evaluation.


Please contact your Anthem contracting representative to learn more about Anthem’s Hospital in Home program.


1  Levine, D. M., Ouchi, K., Blanchfield, B., Saenz, A., Burke, K., Paz, M., Diamond, K., Pu, C. T., & Schnipper, J. L. (2020). Hospital-Level Care at Home for Acutely Ill Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Annals of internal medicine, 172(2), 77–85.




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