Effective for dates of service on and after August 3, 2022, the following updates for medication codes billed on medical claims will apply.


Please note, inclusion of a national drug code on your medical claim is necessary for claim processing of drugs billed with a not otherwise classified (NOC) code:

  • Both the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) and National Drug Code (NDC) must be accurate and applicable to the medication requested.
  • The manufacturer of the submitted NDC must participate in the Medicaid Drug Rebate Program.
  • The submitted NDC must not be for a DESI 5 or 6 drug. (DESI 5 or 6 drugs are drugs that have been defined by the FDA as less than effective.)
  • Participating manufacturers and DESI designations are updated quarterly and can be found at https://data.medicaid.gov/dataset/0ad65fe5-3ad3-5d79-a3f9-7893ded7963a/data.


Visit the Clinical Criteria website to search for specific Clinical Criteria.


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Note: Prior authorization requests for certain medications may require additional documentation to determine medical necessity.



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