Identifying the most appropriate COVID-19 testing codes, testing sites and type of test to use can be confusing. The guidance below can make it easier for you to refer your patients to high-quality, lower-cost COVID-19 testing sites, find Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Anthem) contracted laboratories and identify the proper CPT codes to use.


Contact your Anthem representative if you need additional information or visit


Refer patients to to find convenient testing locations

If an Anthem member requests a COVID-19 test, you may refer them to or the Sydney Health mobile app to find testing locations near them. Our test-site finder gives members important information about each site, including days and hours of operation, and if they offer:

  • Appointments or walk-ins
  • Drive-through service
  • Rapid test results
  • Antibody testing
  • Testing for children


Consider Antigen testing as an option when rapid results are needed

Antigen tests can be a quicker way to detect COVID-19 than nucleic acid amplification tests (NAAT), (for example, PCR). Antigen tests offer a reasonable and lower cost alternative when screening asymptomatic or low-risk patients and may be most useful for individuals within the first five to seven days of symptoms when virus replication is at its highest.


Send swab tests to Anthem-contracted laboratories

When providing COVID-19 molecular testing services to our members, consider utilizing the following additional in-network, high-quality labs to assist in helping to ensure that our members are receiving high-value healthcare.


In-network lab



Eurofins NTD

(888) 683-5227

Eurofins Viracor

(800) 305-5198

Eurofins Boston Heart

(877) 425-1252

Fulgent Therapeutics

(626) 350-0537

Invitae Corporation

(650) 466-7242

Gravity Diagnostics

(855) 841-7111

Mako Medical Laboratories

(919) 351-6256



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