A new copy feature that will significantly speed up your authorization workflow is now available on Interactive Care Reviewer (ICR). Submit multiple requests in a fraction of the time it takes to create an entire case. You can choose to create a duplicate case or select specific elements of a case to copy for a different patient*. The copy feature will be particularly useful for facility staff requesting multiple authorizations for inpatient emergent / urgent admissions and providers who request multiple authorizations for the same services.


You have two options for copying a submitted case:


Option 1: Immediately copy a case you just submitted from the ICR dashboard.


Select Click here from the blue bar message located at the top of the dashboard.

Option 2: Copy a case that has been submitted within 45 days from the ICR Case Overview


Select the Copy Case button.


The Case Type, Request Type, Place and Type of Service is duplicated onto the new case. You will be given the option to select the following case details to copy:

  • Diagnosis Code and Procedure Code
  • Inpatient length of stay
  • Requesting provider and contact information
  • Servicing facility
  • Inpatient length of stay
  • Servicing provider


Simply key in the patient details* and add the clinical details to complete the new case.


*Please note: To duplicate the authorization request, the new patient needs to be enrolled in the same state and health plan as the patient’s case that is being copied. Federal Employee Program (FEP) requests can be duplicated for any state.


Want to learn more about the new ICR copy feature?

Attend our monthly live webinar sessions: Introduction to Interactive Care Reviewer – Register here


Or, view and download an illustrated job aid – Interactive Care Reviewer Copy Feature.

Find the job aid on the Custom Learning Center: From Availity’s home page select Payer Spaces | Anthem tile | Custom Learning Center | Resources. To narrow the results, apply the Interactive Care Reviewer filter.



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