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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Anthem) would like to inform our providers about Project Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) clinics now available through the Indiana University School of Medicine. Currently, there are two weekly ECHO clinics: Opioid Use Disorder and Child and Adolescent Mental Health. The clinics are free of charge to participating Anthem providers.


Project ECHO is a learning and guided-practice model providing medical education to help providers increase workforce capability, enhance best practice specialty care and reduce health disparities. Clinic sessions meet online using no-cost Zoom video conferencing and consist of a brief didactic presentation on related topics followed by case presentations and discussions by participating providers. The participating group of community providers works through each case in a collaborative fashion with guidance from the expert multidisciplinary Project ECHO facilitators.


A team of experts in these two topics, led by the Indiana University Department of Psychiatry, will work with participants who want to learn more about treating their patients with opioid use disorder or treating children/adolescents with mental health needs, such as disruptive behavior disorders, mood disorders, anxiety and tic disorders, and autism and developmental disabilities.


Anthem and the Indiana University School of Medicine’s Division of Continuing Medical Education collaborate to provide lifelong learning opportunities that enable health care professionals to improve performance in practice. Continuing Medical Education Credit is provided to all participants through the Indiana University School of Medicine’s Division of Continuing Medical Education. For more information or to sign up for Project ECHO, please visit


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