The Interactive Care Reviewer (ICR), our online authorization tool offers a real time authorization decision for some inpatient and outpatient authorization requests.  Recently we updated the list of services that may result in an immediate authorization decision.

To locate the Immediate Decision list* and review the specific details on those services, go to the Availity Portal and select Payer Spaces then choose the Anthem BCBS logo. Scroll down and select Education and Reference Center | Communication & Education. From the Communication & Education dropdown menu, select Interactive Care Reviewer | ICR Immediate Decision List.

Access ICR from the Availity Portal, select Patient Management | Authorizations & Referrals. To request an authorization you will need to have the Authorization Referral Request Role assigned to you by your Availity administrator.

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*Excludes: some Medicare Advantage, some Medicaid, Federal Employee Program® (FEP), BlueCard® and some National Account members

Requests involving transplant services

Services administered by vendors such as AIM Specialty Health

Services administered by OrthoNet LLC (Indiana ,Kentucky ,Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin, California, Colorado and Nevada)

For the above requests, follow the same precertification process that you use today.


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