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While there’s no single, easy answer to the issue of health care disparities, the vision of My Diverse Patients is to harness the power of data and identify ways to bridge gaps often experienced by diverse populations.

We’ve heard it all our lives: in order to be fair, you should treat everybody the same. But the challenge is that everybody is not the same — and these differences can lead to critical disparities not only in how patients access health care, but in their outcomes as well.


The reality is that the burden of illness, premature death and disability disproportionately affects certain populations. My Diverse Patients features robust educational resources to help support you in addressing these disparities, such as:

  • Continuing medical education about disparities, potential contributing factors and opportunities for you to enhance care.

  • Real life stories about diverse patients and the unique challenges they face.

  • Tips and techniques for working with diverse patients to promote improvement in health outcomes.

Accelerate your journey to becoming your patients’ trusted health care partner by visiting today. You may also access the site with the QR code provided.

My Diverse Patients QRG

Providers who are contracted with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield to serve Hoosier Healthwise, Healthy Indiana Plan and Hoosier Care Connect through an accountable care organization (ACO), participating medical group (PMG) or Independent Physician Association (IPA) are to follow guidelines and practices of the group. This includes but is not limited to authorization, covered benefits and services, and claims submittal. If you have questions, please contact your group administrator or your Anthem network representative.


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