Instead of faxing multiple pages of medical records for HEDIS® studies, use Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Anthem)’s Remote EMR Access Service we offer to providers that allows us to access your EMR system directly to pull the documentation we need. Our Remote EMR Access Service helps reduce the time and costs associated with medical record retrieval while improving efficiency and lessening the impact on your office staff.


We have a centralized EMR team experienced with multiple EMR systems and extensively trained annually on HIPAA, EMR systems, and HEDIS® measure updates. We complete medical record retrieval based on minimum necessary guidelines:

  • We only access medical records of members pulled into the HEDIS® sample using specific demographic data.
  • We only retrieve the medical records that have evidence related to the HEDIS® measures.
  • We only view face sheets when there are demographic discrepancies.
  • We exclude data related to hospice, long-term care, inpatient, and palliative care.


Let us help you! Getting started with Remote EMR Access is just one click away.

Download and complete this registration form and email it to us at


To learn more about our Remote EMR Access Service, view the Frequently Asked Questions below.


How do you retrieve our medical records?
We access your EMR using a secure portal and retrieve only the necessary documentation by printing to an electronic file we store internally, on our secure network drives.


Is printing necessary?
Yes. The NCQA audit requires print-to-file access.


Is this process secure?
Yes. We only use secure internal resources to access your EMR systems. All retrieved records are stored on Anthem secure network drives.


Why does Anthem need full access to the entire medical record?
There are several reasons we need to look at the entire medical record of a member:
  • HEDIS® measures can include up to a 10-year look back at a member’s information.
  • Medical record data for HEDIS® compliance may come from several different areas of the EMR system, including labs, radiology, surgeries, inpatient stays, outpatient visits, and case management.
  • Compliant data may be documented or housed in a non-standard format, such as an in-office lab slip scanned into miscellaneous documents


What information do I need to submit to use your Remote EMR Access Service?
Complete the registration form that requests the following information:
  • Practice/facility demographic information (e.g., address, National Provider ID, taxpayer identification numbers , etc.)
  • EMR system information (e.g., type of EMR system, required access forms, access type–web based or VPN-to-VPN connection, special requirements needed for access, etc.)
  • List of current providers/locations or a website for accessing this list. Also, if applicable, a list of providers affiliated with the group that are not in the EMR System.


HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).



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