Access the ID card directly from

You have probably noticed that more members have been presenting digital ID cards on their mobile devices. While digital ID cards are an acceptable proof of coverage, they are also the most accurate proof of coverage. They can be accepted at the point of care, or access digital ID cards directly through for easy upload to your electronic medical record system.


One of the greatest benefits of digital ID cards is they are the most up-to-date proof of coverage. Digital ID cards are updated, in real time, so you will never have to be concerned about having the correct ID card. We also like that they are the most secure source of information, generally locked on a mobile device by the member or available to you digitally, through the secure portal,


It is now easier to access digital ID cards

Until now, you were required to enter the member ID number when accessing the member’s digital ID card, as well as to check on the member’s benefits and eligibility. We’ve updated and streamlined the process to eliminate the need for the member ID number. Maintaining the highest HIPAA standards, the member’s name, date of birth and zip code are required.


To access the ID card, log onto and select the Patient Registration tab. Select Eligibility and Benefits Inquiry to access member information. Here’s what the new screen looks like when searching for Patient Information:

How to register to use Availity

Availity offers secure online access for working together digitally and is free to our providers. To register, visit the registration information page.



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