Triton Healthcare Partners will begin accessing the Anthem Workers’ Compensation Network in Indiana effective November 1, 2019.


If you provide treatment to an injured worker from a workers’ compensation payor or employer group affiliated with Triton, your reimbursement will be based on the Anthem Workers’ Compensation rate. The below lists identifies the Triton clients.


An updated Anthem Workers’ Compensation Network Leasing List is available on the Availity Web Portal at


For questions regarding your Anthem Workers’ Compensation Participation Attachment or Agreement, or other Workers’ Compensation issues, please call 866-700-2168.


For questions regarding your Anthem Workers’ Compensation reimbursement rate, please call 855-766-3719.


  • Berkley Risk Insurance
  • SplashLight
  • Acrometis (Delhaize).
  • MAC/Ahold
  • S1-Medical
  • FFC
  • AmeriHealth
  • AVI
  • Ascension
  • ASC
  • Attenta
  • Forte
  • York Risk
  • FourStone
  • Stoneview

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