Anthem is collaborating with leading organizations on a new school-based initiative called Shine Light on Depression to help tackle the issue of teen depression and suicide in middle and high school youth nationwide. The Shine Light on Depression e-toolkit (e.g., website) will provide school communities with free, ready-to-use tools designed to raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention in a positive, fact-based, and inclusive manner. This approach will help build a community in which there is open discussion and appropriate vocabulary about the subject of depression and places it in the broader context of good mental health. The e-toolkit features customizable classroom lessons to empower educators to lead effective depression awareness programs, family-community workshop materials to help adults and families talk about how to support teens, and teen club resources that empower students to lead activities and help each other by talking and listening. With 24,053 secondary schools in the U.S., the Shine Light on Depression e-toolkit has the potential to impact large numbers of individuals who are at risk of depression and suicide and support schools in meeting state teaching mandates. Visit Shine Light on Depression to learn more.


Shine Light on Depression is a unique collaboration of organizations committed to raising awareness of depression and suicide prevention among young people: American School Health Association, Anthem, Inc., Erika’s Lighthouse, JetBlue Airways Corporation, and the National Parent Teachers Association.

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February 2020 Anthem Provider News - Georgia