Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy benefits are now available to Anthem Publix account members. The ABA therapy program is designed to assist members and families who have children with autism spectrum diagnosis (ASD).


ABA therapy benefits are managed by a dedicated coordinator through the Publix benefit plan case management program, which is administered by Companion Benefit Alternatives (CBA).


ABA therapy covers specific services for members with ASD. ABA involves a treatment team made up of a certified technician and a qualified health professional (typically a board-certified behavioral analyst or a board-certified assistant behavioral analyst) to provide behavioral therapy.


Although the ABA therapy program does not include speech, physical or occupational therapy, these benefits are covered under the Publix medical plan.


Prior authorization required

Prior authorization by CBA is required for ABA services. An initial request for ABA therapy requires a treatment plan, signed and submitted by a licensed physician.


Anthem will not provide coverage for ABA therapy services until you receive approval through the prior authorization review process.


For detailed prior authorization requirements, or for more information about ABA therapy benefits, contact the ABA project coordinator at 800-868-1032, ext. 25634 or

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