Have you had more patients present with their ID card on their smartphone? We want to remind you of the ways you can access your own copy of their ID card.


In the October 2017 issue of Network Update, Anthem (formerly Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia) informed you about our mobile app called Anthem Anywhere that allows members to manage their benefits on their smart phones, including the option of an electronic only version of their ID cards. We want to ensure a member’s electronic only ID card meets your needs. 


Based on member requests and growing trends, we anticipate that by the year 2020, nearly 50% of our Local Plan members may choose the electronic ID card option, so we urge you to start using the available retrieval tools today. 


Provider options for obtaining a copy of an electronic Member ID card

  • Online through the Availity Portal:  Providers also have the option to view Anthem Member ID Cards online (and print if needed) from the Availity Portal at availity.com. When conducting an Eligibility and Benefits (E&B) Inquiry from the E&B Results page, select the blue button titled View Member ID Card. Currently, BlueCard®, Federal Employee Program® (FEP) and some health plans’ Medicare Advantage and Medicaid members are not included.  

E&B image

as with all E&B Inquiries on Availity, providers must have the member ID number (including the three-character prefix) and one or more search options of date of birth, first name and last name.


  • Email or Fax:  Members can email/fax the card from his/her phone.  When members are viewing their ID Card on their phone, they will select the email or fax icon to forward their ID card.

Email & Fax

These options are available for your patients who are members covered by our affiliated health plans in CA, CO, CT, GA, IN, KY, ME, MO, NH, NV, OH, WI, VA, and NY. 


Members are still required to have a copy of their card in one format or another, whether hard copy or electronic, in order for services to be rendered. View our Quick Reference Guide for further details.


Quick Reference Guide

See our Electronic Member ID Cards – Quick Reference Guide located on the Answers@Anthem page of our anthem.com/provider website for more details and information on:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Details on provider options for obtaining a copy of an electronic Member ID card
  • Sample electronic Member ID cards

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