Providers can access real-time, patient-specific prescription drug benefit information at the point of care. It is part of the e-prescribing process, and is located within a provider’s electronic medical record (EMR) system.


This functionality helps providers determine prescription coverage quicker by sharing information about patient drug cost, formulary, and coverage alerts such as prior authorization prior to sending a prescription to the pharmacy. This information can help providers proactively identify barriers to medication compliance. For example, if a medication is too costly for the member, alternatives can be discussed prior to the patient leaving the provider’s office.


Providers can find the following patient-specific prescription benefit information with their EMR:

  • Formulary status of selected medication
  • Pricing of medication at a retail and mail order pharmacy
  • Formulary alternatives
  • Coverage alerts, including prior authorization and step therapy.

Providers should contact their IT department or EMR system with questions regarding access to real-time prescription drug benefit functionality. Upgrades to EMR software may be required.


Featured In:
October 2018 BCBSGa Provider Newsletter