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COVID-19 Information - Connecticut

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Information from Anthem for Care Providers about COVID-19 (updated April 25, 2022)

We recently updated information about codes for telehealth and telemedicine care.

Maximizing efficient, high quality COVID-19 screenings


COVID-19 Update: Guidance for telehealth/telephonic care for Behavioral Health services (updated January 8, 2021)

We've updated information about coverage for telephonic-only care.

Important COVID-19 update: Prior authorization and other policy adjustments (updated January 18, 2022)

We recently updated prior authorization requirements for patient transfers from acute inpatient hospitals to skilled nursing and acute rehabilitation facilities.

Telehealth Updates for Anthem Connecticut Providers Due to COVID-19 (updated September 23, 2020)

We recently updated information about the temporary suspension of telehealth certification requirements and reimbursement rates.

Webinar recording now available for providers on how to leverage telehealth to care for Behavioral Health patients during COVID-19 and beyond

Anthem hosted a provider webinar to share information and resources with Behavioral Health providers to assist with maximizing the telehealth experience.  Access the webinar recording to learn more about leveraging telehealth for behavioral health services.
Behavioral Health

Anthem introduces lower cost Anthem Health Access Plans on June 1 in response to COVID-19 crisis


A special thank you to Care Providers

Thank you for your tireless efforts in keeping our country healthy. For all you do, we would like to share a message of our gratitude.

Anthem Waives Cost Share for COVID-19 Treatment (updated May 29, 2020)

Effective April 1, we expanded coverage for our members undergoing treatment related to a COVID-19 diagnosis, which covers the waiver of cost shares for COVID-19 treatment received through December 31, 2020.

Webinar recording now available for network providers on SBA loans and other federal relief programs in response to COVID-19 (Updated May 1, 2020)

Anthem hosted a provider webinar to share information and resources with its network providers regarding opportunities providers have to access loans through the U.S Small Business Administration (SBA) and other federal programs in response to the economic impact of COVID-19. Access the webinar recording using the password “health” to learn more about federal financial relief for providers.

View all COVID-19 related articles in one repository location - COVID-19 Information - Connecticut


Federal Resources Available for Care Providers and Employers in the Federal CARES Act

During the COVID-19 crisis, care providers are working to keep the country running while navigating the financial impact it is having on them. To help care providers navigate the resources available to them, Anthem has compiled information on programs we have learned about that could provide additional financial relief during this crisis. 

Anthem to delay most April 1 formulary list updates for commercial health plan pharmacy benefit


Updated COVID-19 Medicare Information

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