Fee Schedule information is proprietary to Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Anthem) under the terms and conditions of your participation Agreement (the Agreement) with Anthem. The Agreement sets forth restrictions against the disclosure of proprietary information. Those restrictions include the disclosure of proprietary information such as fee schedule information to third-parties (e.g., consultants, lenders, legal advisors, and business advisors). Absent Anthem’s written consent, those restrictions apply to all third-parties that conduct business on behalf of Anthem’s participating providers.  


Exceptions to those restrictions, as set forth in the Agreement, include:  i) disclosure as required or permitted by applicable law or regulatory requirements; and/or ii) disclosure as consented to by Anthem.


In the case of permitted disclosures, all third-parties are subject to the confidentiality requirements as set forth in your participation Agreement.


Please refer to your participation Agreement to ensure you understand all restrictions and exceptions. 

Disclosure of confidential and proprietary information, in violation of the terms of the Agreement, is subject to penalty.


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