Find Care, the doctor finder and transparency tool in our online directory, provides many Anthem  members with the ability to search and compare cost and quality measures for in-network providers using the secure member portal at This tool currently offers multiple sorting options, such as sorting providers based on distance, name, or personalized match.


Beginning March 1, 2021, the personalized match sorting option will be available for searches by procedure type. This sorting option is based on algorithms which will use a combination of member and provider features to intelligently sort and display results for a member’s search. The sorting results will take into account member factors such as the member’s medical conditions and demographics. Provider factors such as surgeon-facility pairing (an individual provider who performs a procedure at a specific facility), cost efficiency measures, volumes of patients treated across various disease conditions, and outcome-based quality measures.


These member and provider features will be combined to generate a unique ranking of surgeon-facility pairings or facility providers for each member conducting the procedure search. Surgeon-facility pairings with the highest overall ranking within the search radius will be displayed first with other pairings displayed in descending order based on overall rank and proximity to the center of the search radius.


The personalized match methodology for specialty-based searches remains unchanged. Members continue to have the ability to sort from a variety of sorting orders (such as distance), and this enhancement in sorting methodology has no impact on member benefits.


  • Providers may review a copy of the new sorting methodology that has been posted on Availity – our secure Web-based provider tool – using the following navigation: Go to Availity > Payer Spaces > Anthem > Education & Reference Center > Administrative Support > Personalized Provider Procedure Search Methodology.pdf.
  • If you have general questions about the Find Care tool or this new sorting option, please contact Provider Service.
  • If you would like detailed information about quality or cost factors used as part of this unique sorting or you would like to request reconsideration of those factors, you may do so by emailing or by calling 833-292-2601.


Going forward, we will continue to focus and expand our consumer tools and content to assist members in making more informed and personalized health care decisions. 


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