Anthem’s collaborative partnerships with oncology practices, which include sharing of relevant data, have helped drive improved outcomes. Our ‘Potentially Avoidable Admissions During Chemo’ model uses predictive analytics to equip oncologists with actionable, patient-level data to highlight those at greatest risk for complications during chemotherapy.


Since the launch of this model, early results indicate success, as observed by a 13% reduction in avoidable inpatient admissions.1


Our oncology partners have recognized the value of this predictive modeling capability and routinely supplement their own information to proactively outreach to patients who may benefit from additional support during treatment.


Mary Scott, RN, from City of Hope, a leading national cancer center, said the following about how this data enables them make better decisions about patient care.  “…best part [of this model] is having some data and some information and some specifics about patients that are deemed to be at risk and keeping them out of the hospital, which is a pretty critical part of our work. I think with the Anthem information we've been able to tackle that in a much better and more organized fashion because they provide us with a list of patients that are high risk, medium risk, and low risk for admission, and people who are on chemotherapy. These regimens can be pretty complicated, pretty toxic, and it helps us to make those better decisions for their care.”


Watch this video to hear more about how our collaborative partnerships with oncology practices is leading to improved outcomes.


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1 Anthem internal data. Among providers who participate in Anthem’s Cancer Care Solutions programs we observed 12.8% fewer avoidable inpatient days per 1,000 over baseline. Based on Anthem commercial business, January through December 2019.



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