It is very important that all provider demographic information is accurate and up to date in our systems. We receive a significant number of claims with a name or address that does not match our provider files, and this can result in a claim payment to an incorrect provider or a claim denial. In addition, our members frequently utilize the online provider directories to obtain information regarding our network of participating providers, and having accurate information is essential. Please be sure to notify us via the Provider Maintenance Form of all changes such as:


  • Telephone number for members to schedule appointments at your practice location
  • Practice location address
  • Provider name
  • Practice name
  • Providers terminating or leaving your practice
  • Providers joining your practice
  • PCPs changing status to or from accepting new patients or not accepting new patients
  • Billing address
  • Tax ID number
  • Specialty
  • Hospital admitting privileges


How to access the online Provider Maintenance Form:

Go to > select Providers > under Provider Resources select Provider Maintenance. Follow the instructions provided to update and submit the new information.


If you have not previously accessed and established your state as Connecticut, you will first need to select Providers > Provider Overview, then select Connecticut. The website will subsequently default to Connecticut as your state.


Advance notice of provider demographic and/or practice changes is required; retroactive changes are not allowed. Requests must be received 30 days prior to the change/update. Any request received with less than 30 days advance notice may be assigned a future effective date. Please provide 90 days advance notice of termination from our network; however, your specific contract provisions may supersede this. Check your contract for any specified requirements regarding length of notice required in advance of your termination request.


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