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As we continue our efforts to provide high-quality, member-focused health plans for Medicare Advantage beneficiaries, we are offering a new special needs plan for 2020. Our Anthem MediBlue Care On Site (HMO I-SNP) plan provides members with the benefits of integrated care and case management through a holistic approach while promoting continuity of care and preserving provider choice.


We will offer an Institutional Special Needs Plan (I-SNP), Anthem MediBlue Care On Site (HMO I-SNP), focused on beneficiaries who are living in skilled nursing facilities or qualified beneficiaries living in assisted living centers. We will collaborate with CareMore Health mobile clinicians in the community to deliver a high-touch, well-coordinated, holistic model of care to institutionalized patients at the member’s bedside. Working alongside primary care physicians to ensure the best possible outcomes for the member, the goal is to improve access to care and better communication with the patient, family, staff and providers. In addition to our contracted mobile providers, the plan includes our Anthem contracted Medicare Advantage HMO fee-for-service providers.


With the I-SNP product, the prior authorization requirements will be different from our other Medicare Advantage plans. Please ensure when reviewing prior authorization requirements to select Medicare I-SNP C-SNP from the drop-down box on the provider website. We are excited to introduce this special needs plan to our Medicare Advantage portfolio. To learn more about our I-SNP plan and how we are helping our members receive quality health care, visit or call the number on the back of the member’s ID card. 



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