Starting January 1, 2021, IngenioRx, the pharmacy benefit manager for our affiliated health plans, will make its new standard pharmacy network available to your patients. The standard network will be made up of about 58,000 pharmacies nationwide, including well-known national chains like Costco, CVS, Kroger, Sam’s Club, Target and Walmart.


With robust access, your patients can use any participating pharmacy across the country in the standard network to fill their prescriptions.


Network notification plan

Some of your patients covered by an Anthem health plan may currently use pharmacies that are not in this new network. They will need to transfer their active prescription(s) to a network pharmacy to help ensure there is no interruption of their coverage.


Prior to the network effective date, we’ll notify your patients by letter outlining the easy steps about transferring their prescriptions to another pharmacy in the network.


In addition, to help you easily send prescriptions to a participating pharmacy, we’ll include messaging via your patients’ electronic medical records. This message will appear if you attempt to submit a prescription to a pharmacy that is not included in the standard network. This will help ensure your patients’ prescriptions are properly routed to a network pharmacy and will help them continue to receive their medications worry-free.


If your patients would like to search for a network pharmacy prior to the new network effective date, they can log in to, where instructions will appear with a helpful link to our online pharmacy search tool. They can enter their address/city/state or their zip code to begin searching.



Please refer to the attached Frequently Asked Questions document for more details about the new standard network.


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