Introducing self-service claim denial review on our secure provider portal

Anthem wants to make your job easier — and that includes real-time feedback to claim denials. Through predictive analytics, we now have insight into the reasons for claim denial. We have taken that information and streamlined the inquiries by reason codes, and have made that information available to you digitally, through our secure provider portal.


Within minutes, you will know why a claim denied. We will also provide the steps needed so you can take action faster to correct the claim. There is less wait time and faster payment.

There is no need to call for updates or experience unnecessary delays waiting for the explanation of benefit.

With little more than a click:


  • Review a complete list of claims, including claims with proactive insights
  • Learn the reasons for claim denial
  • Access the information you need to move the claim forward


Predictive analytics and self-service claim denial information is just another way we are using digital technology to improve your health care experience.


From, use the Log In button to access our secure provider portal Go to Payer Spaces to access Claims Status Listing.



Featured In:
January 2021 Anthem Connecticut Provider News