When submitting claims through the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), a PWK segment indicator tells us you will be submitting supporting documentation for the claim and ensures the documents are attached correctly. The supporting documents are then sent through the Availity Essentials* Attachments Dashboard.


In November, the Attachments Dashboard will have a new look for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield claims

The sooner we receive your claim attachments, the faster your claim can be processed for payment. To meet this expectation, the Attachments Dashboard will begin a seven-calendar day countdown beginning in November. This means that claims will begin processing sooner for those claims with the PWK segment indicator.


If you are unable to meet the seven-calendar day submission deadline, the claim will move from your Attachments Dashboard inbox into your History folder and will be marked as expired. The claim will then deny for additional information based on the PWK segment indicator and move to Claims Status located under the Claims & Payments tab on availity.com. Upload your attachment from Claims Status by using the Submit Attachment button located on your claim.


To learn more about the new claims attachments workflow, visit our Provider Learning Hub or access the on-demand webinar recording, Learn about the new claims attachments workflow, using this link.


* Availity, LLC is an independent company providing administrative support services on behalf of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

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