As previously communicated in the June 2021 edition of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s (Anthem) Provider News, Anthem, and AIM Specialty Health® (AIM), a separate specialty benefits management company expand their relationship to include additional services. Effective July 19, 2021, Anthem and AIM, will launch a new Back Pain Guide Program for Anthem fully insured members.  The new Back Pain Guide program will identify members that are experiencing back pain or are at risk for complications related to back pain conditions and help educate and support members navigate through their back pain journey to reduce risk of chronicity, minimize recurrences, and minimize complications.


Our targeting management process includes:

  • Predictive models for members likely to be referred for back surgery based on several risk factors
  • Risk stratification to ensure the appropriate level of support is provided
  • Targeted outreach to members through our digital engagement platform, email and calls
  • Customized education and support of provider treatments based on member’s specific needs
  • Education about the availability of supportive services such as behavioral health as appropriate


AIM Back Pain Program Educational Information                                                                                          

The AIM Back Pain Guide Program microsite helps you learn more and access helpful information and tools such as program information and FAQs. Anthem also invites you to take advantage of a free informational webinar that will introduce you to the programGo to the AIM Back Pain Guide Program microsite to access helpful information and register for an upcoming webinar.


We value your participation in our network and look forward to working with you to help improve the health of our members.


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