We’ve been conducting our in-person Provider Seminars throughout the state in October.  In case you’ve missed any of them, or just if you prefer a webinar option, we still have opportunities for you to participate. 


  • 1 remaining in-person session Friday, November 2, 2018 -- registration for this sessions closes November 1 at 5:00pm MT
  • 4 webinar sessions throughout November


Please join us for one of these sessions. They include important updates and information about doing business with us. Topics include: Product overview for 2019, Affordable Care Act updates for 2019, Medicare Advantage PPO, CU Exclusive updates, WellChoice overview, New Provider newsletter/communication template, Anthem.com Provider website enhancements, Availity Portal enhancements, plus more!


NOTE: The content covered in the Provider Seminars and Webinars is the same, but we split the webinars into two content parts to make the online learning experience a little easier and shorter length. 


For locations and dates, see attached Provider Seminar Invitation.


The online registration includes automated acknowledgement of your registration, an appointment to add to your calendar, and reminder notifications.  Don’t forget to accept the calendar appointment to add it to you calendar. 


Register online using one of the following options:    

Go to anthem.com. Select Providers, then Providers Overview.  Select Find Resources for Your State, and pick Colorado.  From the Provider Home page, under the Communications and Updates heading, select the Provider Seminars link.  Next, under the Fall 2018 Provider Seminars heading, select the link titled Fall 2018 Provider Seminar Invitation -- online registration form, select either IN-PERSON or WEBINARS.

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