DispatchHealth brings comfortable healthcare to the home


DispatchHealth is a healthcare delivery service designed to reduce ER visits for non-emergencies and ensure patients with acute healthcare needs get the care they need in a timely manner. DispatchHealth serves as a rescue service after hours and weekends, when your team is unavailable or when your patients are unable to transport themselves to your office for care. DispatchHealth tucks your mutual patients back into your care so they can return to your supervision quickly and conveniently.


Injuries and illnesses DispatchHealth treats


DispatchHealth treats everything an urgent care center can. Plus more! Their medical team is geared up and ready to treat any number of conditions.


  • Common Ailments: Influenza, Fever, Joint or Back Pain, Sprains and Strains, Eye Infections, Urinary Tract Infections, Skin Rashes or Lacerations, Evaluation of Weakness, Falls Among the Elderly, Anxiety


  • Procedures Performed: IV placement, 12 lead ECG, Administer IV fluids, medications and antibiotics, laceration repair (simple to complex) sutures or staples, incision and drainage of skin lesions, splint injured extremities, advanced blood laboratory testing on-site, rapid infectious disease testing (flu, strep, mono), catheter insertion (foley, coude, suprapubic), nasal packing and cautery, gastrostomy tube replacements (feeding tube), IV medications (diuretics, bronchodilators steroids, antibiotics, antiemetics)



How Providers Partner with DispatchHealth


  1. Refer a patient by requesting care
    Request care for a patient by calling our local Denver (303-500-1518, press 1) or Colorado Springs (719-270-0805, press 1) team. You can call after hours, on weekends and during holidays. DispatchHealth is available from 7:00 am – 10:00 pm, 7 days a week, every day of the year including holidays.

  2. Let DispatchHealth extend your patient care 
    A board-certified physician assistant or nurse practitioner and medical technician will arrive at your patients’ homes within a few hours in a branded vehicle equipped with the ability to diagnose and treat complex medical conditions and navigate challenging social environments.

  3. Tuck in to primary care 
    DispatchHealth fully documents your patients’ visit and sends clinical documentation back to you via fax 24-48 hours post visit. When immediate primary care follow up is needed, you will receive a call from the DispatchHealth team. Additionally, DispatchHealth follows up with every patient within three days and refers back to you for additional care as needed. DispatchHealth bills insurance directly for the care provided. 

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